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MSZP8-250S Measuring and packing production line for liquid and sauce body

Main performance and features:

1, liquid, sauce body measurement packaging system has a rotary packaging machine and liquid filling machine.
2, the use of high-quality accessories, to maintain long-term stability of the machine.
3, there is a more convenient waterproof system cleaning, color touch screen display, simple operation.
4, perfect quality guarantee high speed and stable production 5
5, the use of prefabricated bags, the pattern is perfect, good sealing quality, low package material loss.
6, at a reasonable cost, innovation to solve a variety of product packaging problems.

model MSZP8-250S
packaging material Free bag, bag, zipper pocket, four side bag, paper bag compound bag
Package size width: 70-260mm
Fill range 5-1500g
Packaging speed 20-50 packs/min (the speed is determined by the product itself and the weight of the filling)
metering average precision ≤ ± 1
total power 2.6kw
scope peanut butter, jam, chili sauce, tomato sauce, bean paste, detergent, rice wine, rice vinegar, juice etc.
metering equipment liquid (sauce body) meter
Workflow 1, on the bag
2, print production date
3, open the bag
4, filling 1
5, filling 2
6, exhaust
7, heat sealed
8, shaping and output