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MSZK8-130 to the bag rotary vacuum packaging machine

Key performance and features:
1, automatic vacuum packaging machine to meet a variety of vacuum packaging products to be fully automated packaging.
2, rotary automatic vacuum packaging has two separate rotary body composition (respectively, filling system and vacuum system). The filling system is intermittent rotary operation, and the vacuum system is continuous rotary motion.
3, the rapid replacement of bags specifications, the size of a key to automatically adjust the size of credit.
4, in line with food hygiene standards for food packaging equipment, machinery and materials or bags on contact with the use of 304 stainless steel or other food hygiene requirements of the material processing to ensure food hygiene and safety.
5, the whole machine is simple and easy to clean.
6, the machine is used in prefabricated bags, the pattern is perfect, the sealing products are good low loss, thus improving the product grade.
7, the operation is simple and convenient, the use of advanced PLC + POD (touch screen) electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface.
8, sealing temperature monitoring function, if the heating tube is damaged, the touch screen will automatically alarm.

Model MSZP8-130
Packaging Materials Self-reliance bags, handbags, zipper bags, four sealed bags, paper bags and other composite bags
Package Size Width: 50-130mm
Filling range 10-200g
Packaging speed 50-55 packets / min (the speed determined by the product itself and the amount of filling)
Metering average accuracy ≤ ± 1
Total power 10kw
Applicable scope All kinds of pickles, tofu, fish, mustard, meat, eggs and other materials need to vacuum packaging
Machine weight 1600KG
Compressed air consumption 1.0 cube / min (compressed air provided by the user automatically)