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MSZP8-200 solid packaging production line

Main performance and features:

1, the packaging system from the bag packing machine, work platform, computer combination scale and hoist composition.
2, packaging speed, stable performance, high yield.
3, a waterproof system to make cleaning more convenient, the use of color touch screen display, simple operation.
4, at a reasonable cost, innovation to solve a variety of product packaging problems.
5, the packaging machine is used in the prefabricated bag pattern perfect, good sealing quality, improve product quality.

Model MSZP8-200
Packaging Materials Self-reliance bags, handbags, zipper bags, four sealed bags, paper bags and other composite bags
Package Size Width: 50-260mm
Filling range 10-2500g
Packaging speed 45-60 packets / min (the speed determined by the product itself and the amount of filling)
Metering average accuracy Deviation ≤ ± 1
Total power 3.5kw
Applicable scope Chicken, MSG, Sauce, Hot Pot Seasoning, Tea, Seeds, Penang, Candy, Cereal, Candied, Chocolate, Biscuits, Peanuts, Pastry, Expanded Food etc.
Measuring equipment Computer combination scales, boring conveyors, work platforms
work process 1, on the bag
2, print production date
3, open the bag
4, cut 1
5, cut 2
6, poke material or vibration
7, heat sealed
8, shaping and output